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Tooth decay is progressive and left untreated, can create large areas of decay or damage to the tooth.  Decay is also common in the tooth crown of larger teeth where there are deep valleys and crevices that can be hard to clean. For hard to reach areas of the tooth or large surface areas, a customized inlay or onlay may be used to repair the structure of a tooth with a dental cavity.

Inlay and onlays, sometimes called partial crowns, are more conservative and cost-effective than a dental crown but offer added structural support over a traditional dental filling. We treat patients on an individual basis helping them make informed decisions that will improve their oral health long term. Sudbury Dental Arts provides inlay and onlays for the conservative treatment of advanced tooth decay for patients and their families in Sudbury, Concord, Acton and surrounding communities.

What Is An Inlay?

An inlay is designed to fit into the cusp of the tooth. Your dentist will clean the tooth of decayed tissue and prepare the tooth for the inlay. The inlay can be color matched to the tooth for a cosmetic result. The inlay forms to the crevices of the tooth crown and is bonded into place sealing out future decay. An inlay is also referred to as a partial crown.

What Is An Onlay?

An onlay is most commonly used to treat large surface areas of decay. Tooth decay that occurs on the surface of the tooth can be treated using a dental filling when caught early. As decay spreads, it weakens the structure of the tooth. An onlay will help support the tooth for long-term results. The onlay is custom designed to blend with your natural smile.

Routine Dentistry For Oral Health

Treating tooth decay as soon as possible can prevent the need for more complex dental procedures. We encourage our patients of all ages to visit the dentist at least twice a year for routine dental exams. Dental checkups can help catch decay in the earliest stages allowing for conservative treatment.

If you experience tooth pain or extreme tooth sensitivity, be sure to request a consultation as soon as possible. Your dentist can help you address your dental concerns so you may enjoy a comfortable, beautiful smile.  Contact our Sudbury family dentist office at (978) 218-2580 or request an appointment online today.