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Custom Mouthguard Sudbury, MA

Sports-related injuries are one of the leading causes of tooth loss.

Sports injuries are one of the leading causes of dental emergencies. Taking the proper precautions while playing sports can help reduce your risk of injury to the teeth and jaw. One of the best ways to minimize your risk is with a custom designed mouthguard. Do not let a fun afternoon of playing sports turn into a dental emergency. Ask Dr. Gauthier about custom-fit sports mouthguards for the athletes in your family.

child playing soocer with a sports mouthguard sudbury ma family dentist

Custom-fit mouthguards offered by your dentist protect the teeth and gums during sports. A custom-fit mouthguard is often a preferred method of protection from little league to professional athletes. Custom-fit mouthguards offer superior protection and comfort in comparison to over-the-counter bite-and-fit mouthguards.

Custom-fit mouthguards are less likely to slip or fall out during play. Athletes are able to concentrate on their game and are not distracted by an ill-fit mouthguard. Young athletes are less likely to feel agitated by the device reducing the risk of them removing and losing the mouthguard.

Broken or knocked-out teeth will not grow back!

Protect your family’s smiles with custom-fit mouthguards. Dr. Gauthier provides custom-fit mouthguards for children and adults. Receiving a mouthguard is a quick, pain-free procedure that takes just a few minutes. Dr. Gauthier will take simple molds of your mouth. Your molds will be sent to a dental lab where the mouthguard will be fabricated and then sent back to our Sudbury office. On your next visit to our office you can pick up your mouthguard and it will be ready for wear. Custom mouthguards can be designed to fit over braces or other oral appliances.

Mouthguards are designed using a thick, sponge-like material. A custom-designed mouthguard is specially formulated to fit comfortably and securely over your teeth. A mouthguard is typically worn during contact sports, but it can also be used as an effective solution for teeth grinding, snoring, and sleep apnea. Our experienced dentist in Sudbury MA offers custom-fit mouthguards for patients of all ages. We help educate young patients on the importance of protecting their smiles and taking preventive measures to maintain a healthy, functional smile.

The Importance of Wearing A Mouthguard

In extreme cases, a dental injury can result in the loss of one tooth, several teeth, or a jaw fracture. In other cases, patients can experience chipped or broken teeth as a result of injury to the face. Dental trauma can also affect the soft tissues in the mouth like the gums and teeth. Sports-related dental injuries can typically be prevented with a well-fit mouthguard. We can work with you to build a unique mouthguard that is right for you.

Custom Mouthguards VS. Store Bought Mouthguards

Although store-bought mouthguards are a quick, cheap solution for your needs, they often offer minimal protection. An ill-fitted mouthguard cannot fully protect the teeth from outside forces. A store-bought mouthguard may slip out during contact sports, which leaves your teeth and jaw susceptible to injury. This may also cause you to lose focus on the game or stopping to adjust your mouthguard.

Benefits of Custom Mouthguards:

  • Custom designed to fit your set of teeth
  • Helps protect your teeth and jaw from injury
  • Ensures comfort, protection, and stability
  • Can help protect against neck injuries

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